In the spring of 2020, the sudden arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic left 1.4 billion Chinese people with anxiety, fear and sense of crisis.
Regardless of age, profession, gender, nationality or race, there is no miracle drug or vaccine to save us.

Everyone is on his own. Those with chronic diseases, health reserve already encroached, are more readily infected; once infected, underlying inflammation makes it easier for cytokine storm to occur, causing complications, and life-threatening emergencies.

The impact of pandemic left many with the question.



According the the WHO, lifestyle factors account for 60% of the causes of chronic diseases, apart from genetics, healthcare, social factors and climate.


 Main behavioral risk factors for chronic diseases


Smoking, alcoholism, lack of exercise, high salt and high fat diet

Finding the solution of chronic diseases is urgent!


Non-drug intervention of preventative healthcare strategy / Diabetes can be reversed



China has 120 million diabetes patients Which is 1/3 of global total

Diabetes is one of the lifestyle-related chronic diseases. Only through lifestyle intervention, can the diabetes problem be resolved. 40 years ago, researchers have already successfully reversed diabetes


• Diabetes can be reversed


16 Days of dietary intervention

Half of the patients no longer needed insulin; the other half dropped their insulin dose by more than 50%.


 Incidence climing year after year: 0.7% →12%
 40% prediabetes among 18-29 year-old


Unfortunately, this type of dietary intervention did not receive deserved attention in the medical field.

Most healthcare professionals still have the nutrition understanding of 40 years ago, which in many ways contracts what we understand now.


And since the publication of the diabetes reversal paper, China’s diabetes rate have soared from 0.7% to 12%. This and other chronic diseases have overburdened the current healthcare system. The more hospitals are built, the more patients there are.

Diabetes patients inject insulin all their lives, only to die from diabetes. The reason is that we have not tackled the source problem of lifestyle.


New healthcare strategy:


This June, China introduced the“Health Law:, which emphasizes non drug intervention and preventative healthcare strategy. Under this overall background, learning, promoting and practicing the new knowledge accumulated over the past 40 years have become extremely urgent. We need to make it happen.


Lifestyle intervention for diabetes and other chronic diseases has already been pioneered in Western countries.


Lifestyle medicine has already been accepted by medical insurance.  All major US medical societies have unprecedented consensus on their dietary and exercise guidelines. China is very behind on this aspect.  

About International conference on nutrition and lifestyle medicine  2020年首届国际营养与生活方式峰会

Mission and Vision


Speeches by frontline healthcare professionals




6th December, 2020 (English with Chinese subtitles)

1900 – 2030  Dr. Neal Barnard

2030 – 2200  Dr. John McDougall

2200 – 2330  Dr. T. Colin Campbell










 We welcome frontline healthcare professionals to participate this relaxed but high-energy event with much to learn

 We encourage diabetes patients and their family members to take advantage of this online forum opportunity,to embrace the possibility of self directed reversal of diabetes.

 We invite influential new media and channel providers to join us to effectively deliver this life-saving information to thousands of doctors and families.

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