For the environment, for ecology, and for health, we have been walking together with tens of millions of earth conscious people living a green vegan lifestyle. 


In Asia, my first contact with vegans was in Tokyo at Yoyogi Park. Every year in mid-October, a Vegfest is held there with hundreds of “saishoku” (vegan) stalls filling the entire length of the park. In the lovely early autumn garden, we ate non-stop, strolling along the path while enjoying food that each and every vegetarian would yearn for. 


Years later, in 2013, we finally achieved our wish to run the annual Hong Kong Vegfest.


In 2014, the first vegan bilingual magazine was published. I had been longing for this for over 20 years. The GoVeg platform is in Chinese and English. This has been made possible by our vegetarian friends from around the world working together for many years. Our thanks go out to all of the friends who have helped to publish the magazine these past few years. Today, in 2017, we began to work together with our friends in China, so that the magazine platform will effectively intermingle the green cultures of East and West. Many of us have been longing to see the magazine work effectively with the innovative wechat platform. 


In recent months and years, more and more vegan restaurants have opened not only worldwide but also in different provinces of China. This has helped to pave a broad way for us to step forward more easily to help spread the message that choosing a simple life and eating vegan food is one powerful thing each individual can do as a responsible citizen of Earth.


Our platform has recipes, vegan professional celebrity interviews, vegan events and other latest reports covering Asian countries. Vegan related information from China will be reported as well and we will interact with our readers.  Other offline activities will also be organised within Asia as a platform for all of us to grow together for a green environment.




Shara is an animal lover who is committed to spreading the vegan lifestyle. She is currently Chairman of the Hong Kong Vegan Association, as well as Hong Kong’s representative for the International Vegetarian Union Asia Pacific Region (APVU). For the past four years, she has been a member of the organising committee for Hong Kong Vegfest. 


Shara founded Meat Free Hong Kong which now has more than 4,600 members from all over the world. She has participated in more than 420 activities, both local and overseas, to promote vegan food and beverage. GoVeg Asia – a vegan magazine and platform in Asia- was founded by Shara. 


Through all of her work, Shara actively supports vegetarian businesses in the Asia Pacific region.



Our Chief Editor:  WAYNE FURLONG 

I am a father and grandfather and have been a secondary school teacher for many years in Australia and Hong Kong. I love keeping fit. I moved to a plants only diet out of love for my children and grandchildren and the world we all share. After becoming a vegan, I found to my joy that my health and energy improved greatly. I am a keen hiker and hike thousands of kilometers every year.

Like most people I love animals, which makes this way of eating even nicer. I am currently living in Ubud, Bali, where I help run a vegan B&B (Balifirefly). 

I hope that this magazine can support those who have made the change to a plants only diet, and encourage others to think about it. I hope that GoVeg can help to normalise plant based eating so that nobody thinks it is odd. 

Our message is that vegans and non-vegans are the same- we like to have fun, we love our families and friends and our planet and we want to be healthy and kind. 


The Team  

Director: Robin Huang

Production ManagerVivian Tso

Editorial AdviserTerence Hun

Associate EditorJoyce Wang