8th GOVEG Asia Magazine



BY:  Luo Wen Hui |PHOTO:Lao Mian

Low Fat Vegan Diet for a Healthy Immune System



Small dried mushrooms 6 pcs

Maitaka 3g

Perigord truffles 6 slice (optional)

White Gourd 700g

Luffa 200g

Carrots. 40g



Soy sauce 6ml

Salt 2g

Water Chestnut powder 2g





1. Soak the small dried Mushrooms, maitaka and perigord truffles in advance.



2. Cut off the stem end of mushrooms, wash and blanch maitaka.






3. Add 8ml of soy sauce in the pot, then put mushrooms and maitaka into the pot and simmer for 15 minutes.


4. Peel the white gourd and cut it into a rectangle, width 6cm (or the width of a slicer), length about 10cm. Soak the slices in salt water, then lay them on a plate.




5. Put a portion of mixed mushroom strips in the middle of the slices of white gourd, wrap and roll, then steam the rolls for 3 minutes.




6.Peel the luffa, shred it into 6cm-wide slices and blanch the slices, then place them alongside the white gourd curls.、



7. Boil the perigord truffles in the pot, add seasoning, then thicken the perigord truffle sauce with water chestnut powder. Coat the gourd rolls with perigord sauce and place the perigord truffles on the top.


8.Serve hot.