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An App with a Purpose

BY:Rajeswari Vikiraman

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Loving that more people are realizing that animals are really not that different from humans, Rajes is happy to be playing her part, albeit small, in creating a more compassionate world. She currently works as a companion animal Grooming Specialist in a salon that promotes the humane handling of animals and also volunteers occasionally with a local animal rights group Animal Allies Singapore, taking part in their outreach efforts to advocate for animals.


With conscious consumerism and sustainability gaining traction today, there is an increased awareness of veganism and the plant-based movement. However this movement has some challenges in gaining public acceptance. One common reason cited for this is the poor availability of vegan friendly food and products:  What will I eat when I eat out with friends? Where can I find good plant-based alternatives? Where can I find products that are vegan and cruelty-free?




These are exactly the type of issues the ingenious review app abillionveg (ABV) hopes to address. Launched in 2018, it is hoped that the app will help a billion people go vegan by 2030. 



ABV Team (Pic Credit, Abillionveg Facebook)




Users Driving Change


People are already taking pictures of what they eat, as well as products they used, sometimes even reviewing them on their social media pages. ABV simply taps into this habit and encourages users to do the same for all things plant-based instead.


Users can follow each other’s accounts to read their reviews through which they can explore more options and, more importantly, drive up the demand for vegan products. ABV also collects feedback from users and then send this information to the various businesses being commented on. In this way, businesses are made aware of the demand and the need for them to expand or improve their offerings for a growing number of people.


ABV’s Founder & CEO., Vikas Garg, describes the app as a “unique combination of technology and ‘friendly’ activism”, and he couldn't be more right. What better way to promote a movement, than to highlight to those on the fence that there are options out there. Of course, these options can always be better, but they are there and as a user of the app, an individual can help the situation to improve. 


With over 250,000 reviews being posted by its users from 120 countries, ABV has not only helped to build a rich database of useful information for both the vegan and aspiring vegan communities, it has also helped to raise funds for several organizations caring for animals.



Wuwei Sanctuary Park (Pic Credit, Abillionveg Facebook)  


A Wholesome Experience


What makes using this app exceptionally rewarding is its model of giving back. With every review posted, users will be able to give back to animals, as each review is converted into US$1. When they have accumulated US$10, users will be able to choose and donate the amount to ABV’s partners from around the world who work for the betterment of animals. 




In a society where doing good is increasingly given importance, being able to help organizations like animal sanctuaries is an opportunity that is too great to pass. It is also especially meaningful to many of the users who are vegans for the animals. 


Founder Vikas Garg on the left (Pic Credit, Abillionveg instagram) 


With plans to donate US$1 million in 2020, there is no doubt that ABV is here to make a difference for the animals, the earth and for humans. 


Download the App

For Apple Users -  https://apps.apple.com/us/app/abillionveg/id1377119949 

For Android Users - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.abvmobile