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100% Vegan Beauty Products Delivered to Your Home

by Angie P. 小帕



Shopping is so easy and convenient now, with everything from groceries to lingerie being able to be purchased with just a few clicks. Online shopping enables us to be smart consumers comparing prices, food ingredients and product specifications in the safety and comfort of our own home. Next time you are looking for skincare and makeup, make sure they are vegan by checking for the leaping bunny or cruelty-free certification. Let’s look at some online 100% vegan shops that sell a variety of natural beauty products.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


1. Flora & Fauna


Flora & Fauna sells over 290 ethical brands and all of their products are free of animal testing and 100% vegan. Many of the products are approved by PETA, Leaping Bunny, Certified Cruelty Free, NATRUE or the Vegan Society. In 2016 they removed the use of plastic from all the orders so the boxes are sent naked, using only paper tape.  For shipping, they may use packing peanuts or recycled paper shreddies. Their packing peanuts are made from corn starch, are biodegradable, and dissolve in water.  They pride themselves that everything at Flora & Fauna is recyclable.

Base: Australia

Shipping: Ship internationally via Australia Post





2. The Cruelty Free Beauty Box


The Cruelty Free Beauty Box is another company that sells only vegan products. The suppliers must meet five big criteria, which are:

•            They do not test on animals at any point during production of their products and have an FCOD* certification;

•            They do not allow third parties to test their products on animals;

•            The ingredients they use from other suppliers are not tested on animals;

•            They do not allow countries to test on animals, even when required by law;

•            They are not owned by a company that is not cruelty free- products must be 100% vegan.

They also have a special section that is plastic free and/or zero waste, which means not even allowing a plastic lid.

Base: United Kingdom

Shipping: Ship internationally via Royal Mail




3. The Vegan Kind Supermarket


The Vegan Kind Supermarket is, as its name suggests, a supermarket for vegans. They stock over 5,000 vegan and cruelty free products, including food, household items, health, beauty products, apparel and books. When I first looked at their grocery menu, I was taken aback a little when I saw “meat & seafood”, “milk, butter & eggs”. I had to look again at the website name and then back at the products in details to make sure they are plant-based items and not the actual animal products. They use delivery boxes that are made of fully recycled materials and are also recyclable. The paper stuffing and some of the bubble wraps are fully recycled and recyclable or biodegradable. Base: United Kingdom

Shipping: Ship internationally via Royal Mail





4. Billion Vegans


Billion Vegans aims to be the marketplace for vegans. It is pretty much like a department store with groceries as well as products for fashion, beauty, health, home & garden and pets. You will be able to search for products under many product tags including some you would never think of. Next time you are there, try searching for faux leather, corn-free or women-owned business. For beauty products, they have over 140 brands. For non-U.S. shoppers, however, we have to be careful that import duties, taxes and any other additional customs charges are not included in the price of the item.

Base: United States

Shipping: Ship internationally via a traceable method (FedEx, UPS, USPS, EMS etc.) depending on your location






5. Little Vegan Makeup Shop


Little Vegan Makeup Shop is a smaller online vegan store that sells only skincare and makeup products. The founder is a vegan makeup and hair artist. Though they carry only 20+ brands, mainly smaller indie brands, the shopping experience can be more focused and will not get lost as is so easy in a big store where we end up buying more than we need. They use only use 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. They also joined forces with the carbon neutral delivery service Sendle to transport new items.

Base: Australia

Shipping: Do not ship internationally





*FCOD: A brand’s fixed cut-off date is a date after which they adhere to the strict Leaping Bunny criteria. A fixed cut-off date requires a company to enforce its animal testing policy and gives suppliers a practical way to move away from animal testing.


 Photo by Andrea Piacquadio